Advantages and Disadvantages of the Smartwatch

It is one of the latest fads of the moment, which tries to renew itself every time interest wanes. We are talking about Smartwatches , a product that concentrates several of today’s technologies in less than 3 inches of total size.

But is it worth having one? What are the advantages of having a Smartwatch? Here they are:

  • With a Smartwatch we can take into account our health, seeing the steps we take every day and how much activity we have done during that period. It can be a valid companion towards a better physique.
  • It can absorb some of the purposes we usually give to our cell phone, such as waking up or remembering our daily tasks. In this way we can better organize some things on the smartphone, perhaps making it save some battery in the meantime.
  • With Android Wear 2 it is possible to install Apps directly on the Smartwatch, without going through our smartphone. This will make us participate in several creative evolutions in the field of smart watches.
  • If you have an Apple Smartwatch, some of the unique features they have for our health can give us a slightly better lifestyle.

Let’s talk now about what a Smartwatch still can’t do well, despite its purpose:

  • The battery does not last as long as an “old style” watch, in the end it must be said that we have to charge our Smartwatch at least once in a while, all those functions require a lot of energy. In the long run it can annoy those who are using this product as a simple watch.
  • The screen is not suitable for everyone. Have you tried to handle a touchscreen that is not even 2 inches in size? Often we press functions that we do not want at all and the possibility of using a keyboard through Android Wear 2 has also been made available. Of course, pressing every single key is quite challenging.
  • Voice recognition is still not perfect, mainly due to the ultra-small size of each Smartwatch.

In general, a Smartwatch can be useful if we have many purposes to accomplish every day, such as taking into account our health and delegating some function that is usually on our smartphone to this device, such as waking up or reminding us of some commitments. Always remember that the purchase of such an object is related to our needs and what we plan to do and not because it is a new fashion! If we’re only going to check what time it is, we can always be interested in a modern looking watch that does just that.

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